Carpets offer a variety of benefits, such as contributing to the overall atmosphere of the home, keeping the flooring warmer even during cold days and the ability to limit noise. They are, without a doubt, an excellent addition to the space! However, in order to also be a good and cost-effective investment, they require proper maintenance over time.

In general, most commercial carpets last between 10 and 30 years, but in order to reach their maximum life expectancy, you need to have a maintenance routine and take proper care of them on a regular carpet cleaning basis. As you might expect, exposing them to moisture and letting stains become permanent will significantly reduce the carpet’s lifespan, that is why is very important to use a professional cleaning services Sofia, to reduce that risk. The amount of time that this decorative piece will serve you depends mainly on the thought and care you are willing to give.

Besides the cleaning cycles that we already know about, we have a few more tips to share with you. They can really extend the life of your carpet while helping you in your mission to keep it looking as good as new for a longer period of time. Let’s get started!

For a good carpet cleaning, be aware of the carpet you are gettin

clean carpet after service

It’s important to know what type of carpet you are buying, as the only way to maintain it properly is to know what the specific material needs. We advise you to do your own research and choose the best option based on your needs. Ask the supplier all the questions you have, they need to provide you with the important information. It is good to know what the fibres in your carpet are made of and what the best way to care for them is. If you are moving to a new home with already installed carpets, the only thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s instructions on the labels and do your own research.

Each and every fabric requires specific care. The construction of carpet matters not only for design purposes, but it will also impact the products you need to effectively clean and maintain over time. Many customers select tufted carpets due to their simple installation and low price. However, carpets made with natural material blends can offer an upscale look and feel. They offer different pros and have different cons, so it is normal that they also require specific maintenance. You can’t treat natural fibres the same way as synthetic ones, it will just not work.

Choose a suitable placement

After knowing the material of your carpet, make sure to place it in the proper space! If it’s a delicate, hard-to-clean material, you better skip the high-traffic areas of your home. Make sure to put the most durable pieces in the spot where you keep and consume foods and drinks. They will need to be cleaned as much as possible, and you will need something that is not fragile. We definitely recommend that you don’t put your carpets in areas that can collect soil and moisture, as you don’t want mould in the carpets.

If your carpets are trapped under furniture, try to move them regularly. Yes, it can be annoying, but especially heavy furniture can leave indentations on your carpets. The only way to prevent this problem is by consulting with a supplier beforehand and choosing carpeting that is specifically for holding goods under furniture. Don’t be afraid to ask. There are plenty of options on the market, made to solve most of our specific problems nowadays.

Vacuum your carpeting properly

Can you imagine that most people vacuum carpets incorrectly? Yes, that is true, and to not be one of them, continue reading. Firstly, make sure your vacuum cleaner is clean. Empty the dirt from your previous cleanings service in Wimbledon due to the specifics of your equipment. In order to pick up most of the dirt, move in rows and push the machine back towards you slowly. Sometimes in a rush, we go at high speed, but this is not beneficial for your carpets.

You also skip lots of dust. It is also good to change the direction of your starting point every time, as we are more patient at the beginning, but by the end, we always try to finish the job faster. Do this vacuuming ritual at least once every week, not just when you can notice with your eyes the dirt. Pay more attention to the high-traffic areas; they need to be cleaned twice as much, so maybe at least twice per week.

In the case of a stain, clean immediately!

There is a high risk of stains happening on your carpets. Food, beverage spills, presents left by our pets and millions of other things put our carpet in danger. When cleaning stains, the first rule is to move fast.

Knowing how to treat your fibres is a must, but doing it immediately is the only guarantee that you can remove the spill. In case you are not aware of how to clean the specific stain, check our previous articles; they contain all the information.

Deep clean

professional cleaner do a deep carpet cleaning service in wimbledon

Even if you clean your carpets on a regular basis using the best techniques available and professional cleaning company in Plovdiv, for example, if you skip the deep clean, they will look worn out faster. So much dust gets trapped in the fibres. They constantly accumulate dirt and all the nasty bacteria, risking the life of your carpet and, even worse, your health. We definitely recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you. The main reasons are that they are truly aware of how to treat certain problems and they use the best equipment and detergents! You can do this once or twice a year, and the results will definitely make your carpets last a long time while looking in very good condition.

We can offer you reliable, consistent, and dependable services. Our professionally trained staff will provide you with the satisfaction of walking around a clean, freshly scented home with perfectly maintained carpeting!