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28 11, 2023

5 Ways to extend the life of your carpet

By |November 28th, 2023|Carpet Cleaning Tips|0 Comments

Carpets offer a variety of benefits, such as contributing to the overall atmosphere of the home, keeping the flooring warmer even during cold days and the ability to limit noise. They are, without a doubt, an excellent addition to the space! However, in order to also be a good and cost-effective investment, they require proper maintenance over time. In general, [...]

28 04, 2023

The difference between commercial and residential cleaning services

By |April 28th, 2023|Cleaning Tips|0 Comments

Commercial and residential cleaning services differ in various ways, including the techniques used, the equipment required, and the scope of work. Each type of cleaning service has its own set of unique requirements and challenges. However, when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning services, the lines between commercial and residential cleaning become blurred. In this article, we will explore [...]

10 02, 2023

End of tenancy cleaning – the step you need to take before moving out

By |February 10th, 2023|End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips|0 Comments

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is a specialised service that ensures that a rental property is left in a clean and presentable condition for the next tenant or landlord inspection. This type of cleaning is typically required when a tenant moves out of a rented property and is designed to ensure that the property is returned to the same condition [...]

10 02, 2023

How to remove grease stains from the carpet?

By |February 10th, 2023|Carpet Cleaning Tips|0 Comments

Grease stains are unpleasant wherever they occur. We often have to deal with traces of food on our couch, on other upholstery, or even on the carpet. It unfortunately happens - you spill out some food while walking, or the kids are eating on the carpets watching TV, or on any other occasions. Whatever the reason, it’s never a good [...]

28 07, 2022

Which carpet cleaning method is best?

By |July 28th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Carpet cleaning is often neglected compared to other cleaning services, probably because people tend to think about it only when they notice stains or colours changing. The truth is, the carpet is that one place at home where a lot of dust is soaked deep and bacteria has a chance to settle in. That’s one reason why carpet cleaning is [...]

8 07, 2022

How to get rid of the most stubborn stains and clean carpets?

By |July 8th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Carpet cleaning is not always either easy or pleasant to do, is it? And yet, the beauty that rugs and carpets bring to our homes is unmatchable. They make a place cosy, warm, and stylish. Most interior designers always add a high-quality carpet to match the modern-looking home decor. If you also own carpets at home that are expensive, beautiful [...]

17 06, 2021

Carpet Cleaning to Remove Pollutants, Mold Growth, and Stains

By |June 17th, 2021|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Carpets in homes and office spaces get a lot of wear and tear, especially in high foot traffic areas. They can be spoiled with discoloration, stains, traffic lanes, and dirt, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to replace them. Carpets that are poorly maintained end up in a really bad shape. This would also [...]

17 06, 2021

Handy End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips before Moving out

By |June 17th, 2021|Blog|0 Comments

When moving out and into a new home, apart of the removal service there are a lot of details and extra little things to pay attention before the deep cleaning. Your landlord will be expecting a thorough clean so that a new tenant can take over. Moreover, you need to do it properly and in line with your inventory [...]

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