Carpet cleaning is not always either easy or pleasant to do, is it? And yet, the beauty that rugs and carpets bring to our homes is unmatchable. They make a place cosy, warm, and stylish. Most interior designers always add a high-quality carpet to match the modern-looking home decor. If you also own carpets at home that are expensive, beautiful or just big and requiring maintenance, then you must often be facing the difficulties of cleaning. Especially, when there are other factors influencing the outcomes. Factors such as kids spilling food, pets peeing by mistake, red wine going off the rails, coffee too early in the morning spilt, and more and more situations that turn a carpet into a war zone. 

Thankfully, we are here to help! The most stubborn stains that make a carpet dirty can also be removed! Just follow our instructions, and you’ll be set to go!

Carpet cleaning basic

Carpet cleaning basics

Each carpet requires different maintenance as each is made of different material and has different colours. The colours and odour need to be always taken into consideration because some cleaning products can affect them. So, the first carpet cleaning basic rule is always to make sure you use the right products to clean your carpets!

Second, it’s really important to clean your carpets as soon as the accident occurs. If you just spilt something, try to take care of it immediately. If not, you may need to call a professional carpet cleaning company as with time stains tend to get more stubborn and impossible to remove with other than professional equipment. 

Furthermore, always start with removing dust and top-layer dirt before going deep. This is important because you might spread it instead of cleaning it and make a stain go deeper if not taken care of appropriately. So, start with vacuuming with strong suction and go over the whole carpet slowly so that you can achieve the best results instead of spreading dust and dirt around.

Also, keep in mind that it’s best to call professionals to clean your carpets as they use a steam cleaning method among all else, and this helps not only remove stains and dirt from carpets but also takes care of any germs, mould or bacteria that is present. This effect is stronger than any other, and it is best to have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year.

Clean stubborn stains from carpets

Now, to get into more specifics, we’ve collected some of the most common and stubborn stains that usually occur in anyone’s home. Take notes and act fast! Here is how to remove the most unpleasant carpet stains!

Clean coffee stains from carpets

It must have happened to almost anyone! Spilt coffee in the morning is awaking us more than the coffee itself. But how to remove coffee stains from carpets? 

First, start with rinsing the area with cold or cool water before applying any cleaning products. Then you can try first making a mix of two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent and warm water – a cup or two. Use a clean cloth or a sponge to brush in. Start from the outside edge and work to the centre of the spot where coffee is spilt. Absorb the solution with a dry cloth, blotting it carefully. You can also use a stain-removal product with acid. If you don’t have any at the moment and you are in a hurry to remove the coffee stain, you can make a mixture of vinegar and/or other citrus products.

Clean red wine stains from carpets

Clean red wine stains from carpets

If not else, at least a spilt red wine speaks for a good time before it happened. Still, a red wine stain can ruin your night, so here is how to remove it from your carpet as soon as possible. 

The first way to remove a red wine stain is to use soda, that magical product! Before applying it, you can use dry white wine to pour a little bit over the stain as it dilutes the red wine. Then with a paper towel, blot the liquid carefully and as much as possible. Then spread some baking soda over the spot and leave it overnight. The next day, vacuum the soda from the spot and enjoy the result!

There is also another way to remove red wine stains from your carpet. You’ll need dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. This will only work if your carpet is colourless! Be careful because hydrogen peroxide can damage the colours of your carpet. Use cold water to blot and mix the two ingredients to clean the stain.

Clean pet accidents stains from carpets

If you have pets at home, then you must have already faced those challenges. Sometimes they happen to pee on the carpet, and those stains are really not pleasant! Urine stains are best to be taken care of immediately as they can make carpets absorb the odour or damage the colours significantly. So, use a special cleaning product to treat the stain as soon as possible. If you don’t have any at hand, you can mix vinegar with cool water and spray the solution into the spot. Use a soft brush to go over it. You can also try the baking soda method or apply hydrogen peroxide if appropriate. 

Clean grease and food stains from carpets

And last but not least, some stubborn stains include food and grease. To treat it, you can use again baking soda, vinegar mixed with water, or ammonia solution diluted. Always try first to treat the spot with dish soap mixed with water, as it would be the easiest way if the stain is not yet soaked deeply. Any mixture you make with those products, leave it to dry and absorb so that it can reach all fibres of the carpet. 

Don’t forget you can also rely on a carpet cleaning company to take care of your stains! If left for a longer time, you probably won’t be able to remove them completely. And the professionals will know exactly how to treat them so that you’ll have your carpet as good as new!