Carpet cleaning is often neglected compared to other cleaning services, probably because people tend to think about it only when they notice stains or colours changing. The truth is, the carpet is that one place at home where a lot of dust is soaked deep and bacteria has a chance to settle in. That’s one reason why carpet cleaning is important at least once or twice a year. 

Regular maintenance of carpets at your property can prolong their life, improve their looks (and smell!), and ensure a healthy environment at your place. However, there are many different ways to clean carpets. Often, that includes dry steam cleaning, hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, dry compound cleaning, deep cleaning, mopping, and more. And when that is done by a professional carpet cleaning company, you have to be careful when choosing the right cleaning methods. 

However, some companies tend to skip the part of explanations about their approaches, and this leads to people not getting the best possible service. Also, differences between some of the methods are quite unnoticeable if you are not an expert. Here’s why we are now going to explain the most often used carpet cleaning and tell you which ones are the best! The next time you choose a carpet cleaning company in Plovdiv, you’ll know what to ask for!


Types of carpet cleaning methods

carpet cleaning methods demonstration by a man

As we pointed out above, the most common and preferred cleaning methods are hot water extraction, steaming, carpet shampooing, deep cleaning, and dry steam cleaning. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is one thing you should remember first! The cleaning method used is not only considered with a thought of what works best and deepest but also which method is most appropriate for your carpet’s type. 


This means that depending on what your carpet is made of and what are its colours, the method might vary, and each has its benefits. For example, you can’t use one of the best methods – hot water extraction, for carpets made from fibres such as sisal or jute because it could ruin them. Their fibres are too delicate, so be careful not to saturate them

Hot water extraction

One of the most preferred methods for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. It’s perfect for people with allergies or who are sensitive to detergents and shampoos. The method works great as it kills any present bacteria, germs, and mildew. 

It works by pumping onto the carpet highly pressurised water with a cleaning solution. After that, the liquid is extracted with a vacuum. This pressurised water helps remove dirt from very deep within the carpet which leads to removing the most stubborn stains and ingrained dirt. Except for the stains, dirt, dust, and mildew, the hot water extraction method also works great for any odours absorbed by removing them effectively. 

Be aware, however, that it’s not advised to step on the carpet a few hours afterwards.


Carpet shampooin

If you have rugs, then you know shampooing is one of the very popular methods of cleaning them deeply. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, they’ll take care of your carpets with a machine that uses a shampoo or other cleaning solution. It works as first the mixture is applied with a rolling brush and then sucked into another part of the machine where the dirt is held after being removed.  It’s definitely an effective method, and many companies offer it depending on the type of the owner’s carpet.


This method helps separate dirt molecules from fibres which leaves the carpet a lot fresher, cleaner, and brighter afterwards. It also helps with pet hairs if you have any four-legged friends at home. The only thing that sometimes might become a problem is if the cleaning experts do not remove the cleaning product thoroughly from the carpet. Left shampoo on it might make the carpet look dingy in time. 

Dry cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is not completely dry, as there is still a need for a little water, but still is mostly done with dry steaming and is considered to be a surface cleaning. The main reason why people prefer it is that it requires almost no time for drying. While the other carpet cleaning methods need a few hours for the carpets to dry, this method will leave the carpet ready to use. It might not be as deep cleaning as the rest methods, but for regular maintenance, it is great. 


Professionals usually spread a mixture of powder and cleaning detergents and then use a machine with brushes to go over the areas. It ends with a vacuuming process to remove the leftovers of powder. This dry cleaning method is simple, dries quickly, and the whole process, in general, takes less time. However, choose a trusted cleaning company as some inexperienced cleaners might leave powder behind and build up dust in your home. 

Other cleaning method

There are, of course, other carpet cleaning methods – some of them you can do by yourself, others you need experts on-site. Some prefer wet cleaning, DIY cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, or else. Whatever method you choose for your carpets, make sure you first talk to a specialist to advise you on what your carpets require, and then choose a company that you can rely on.

You’ll need a carpet cleaning company that is transparent about their services and always chooses the best cleaning method for your carpets at home! Each method has its pros and cons, so make sure you research well before trusting your carpets. After all, you want the best for your cosy sweet home, and carpets are a signature of that. Take care of them!