8 Carpet Cleaning Secrets that Work Wonders!

One of the reasons why people are so into carpets is that they require less maintenance than hard-surface floors, or at least this is the popular opinion. You just need to vacuum it frequently and deep-clean it once in a while, and it will look as fresh as new!

Unfortunately, in reality, it is a bit more complicated. Our carpeting can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, and if you have a small kid or a pet, the situation gets even harder. Vacuuming the areas shouldn’t be your one and only way of cleaning. The worst part is that, as beautiful as our carpets are, they can impair indoor air quality and trigger allergic reactions. 

You need to learn effective methods to clean your carpets, especially in the case of a problem – like a big stain or trapped dirt. But do not get discouraged; the “hard” work will pay off! If you do proper cleaning and maintenance, it can help your carpet last twice as long. 

If you want to learn new techniques, we are here to help with some of the best-kept carpet cleaning secrets! Follow our tips to squeeze more life out of the fibres! 

1.When cleaning stains on the carpet, blot them, don’t rub them!

Accidents can happen daily! Whether you spilt your morning coffee, some of the salad dressing, or your foot was bleeding without you realizing it, or maybe your little angel did the artwork on the carpet. Don’t stress, don’t get mad, just remember you need to resist the urge to scrub the stain immediately. This will only spread it around. Instead, grab some cleaning solution on a clean piece of cloth and start dabbing gently. You can also use a sponge or paper towel. The important part is to blot the stain, don’t rub it! Start from the outer edge of the stain inward toward the centre to prevent more damage.

2. Your dish soap can cut grease.

Greasy spills are a real nightmare! No need to be dramatic here, you have the cure in your own kitchen. 

Add a few drops of dish soap to warm water, mix it well to dissolve the soap, pour the liquid into a spray bottle, and spray it all over the greasy stain. After the stain is soaked, start blotting it up with a clean towel, cloth, or sponge. Deeper stains might take a few tries, so if it is not fully removed the first time, don’t get discouraged. Take the time and repeat it again. Finally, the solution should work, and this piece of grease would be a good lesson for you to be more careful with dangerous objects around the carpet. 

3. Baking soda absorbs the oil stains

For more stubborn oil stains, you need to try the magic tool that we all have in our cabinets: baking soda! Oil stains are harder to treat; they will take more effort. In the first place, you need to extract the oils. This is where baking soda takes the role of a lifesaver! Apply a good amount of it directly to the stain and leave it to do the magic! It should form a dry crust, which you can easily vacuum after. If the method worked, it will leave a small oil-free stain which you can now start dabbing with hot water.

4. Use shaving cream on stains of dirt.

Your carpets are experiencing a lot of foot traffic, and due to the colour and material, they can start looking worn and dirty quite quickly. Besides the appearance, the dirt accumulated in the fibres causes a high risk to your health, so don’t just leave it like that. 

When you notice those dirt stains, get the good old shaving cream! Any brand will work, just make sure you get it in white colour. As all carpets are made from different textiles and dyed with different methods, we advise you to first test the cream on a small patch and see if it causes any negative reaction. Then spill the shaving cream into the dirt spot and let it soak for a few minutes. After this, blot with a wet cloth or sponge. Repeat the technique several times, if needed, until you are satisfied with the result and no more shaving cream residue remains.

5. Freeze chewing gum.

You stepped on chewing gum and now it is on your carpet? Don’t worry, the solution is super easy! Grab a few ice cubes, press them against the gum for a few seconds, and then repeat again and again until the gum is frozen. Now it is time to chip it away! Use a spoon to start lifting the glob. If needed, use a knife to gently cut the rest. 

6. Melt hard wax with an iron.

The wax gets so fast into the fibres that it quickly hardens. If you experience this situation, take your iron and be careful not to burn yourself during the process! Turn off the steam setting and set the iron, covered with a clean cloth, on top of the wax until it melts. Scrape off the rest with a gentle knife. 

7. Pro Step – always dry the carpet!

We can’t emphasize it more: if you use any method involving liquid, dry your carpet before reusing it! You can ventilate with fresh air outdoors or use fans to direct air over the carpet. It’s up to you. Just check if some of these options are unsuitable for your fabric. No matter the technique, if you don’t want to cause mould problems, make sure there is no remaining moisture in the carpet before you start using it!

8. Last but not least, save time by hiring a professional cleaning service.

These cleaning hacks will help, but some stubborn stains need special care. Professional carpet cleaners have the required machines and cleaning solutions to resolve all carpeting problems. Save your time and give your carpets new life! It is cheaper to invest in professional cleaning services than to renew your carpet every few years. 

If you want this extra help, call us now and our trained team will save you all this hard work!